It used to be the case that retirees had three definite sources of income — employee-sponsored components, individual savings, and government-funded social security. Both employer and government-provided savings were a stable and predictable, yet flexible income source, while income savings were the only thing that individuals bore full responsibility on. This has changed in recent years as employers have opted for benefit contribution plans instead of the previously preferred guaranteed pension plans. This requires the individual to enroll and control retirement funds, shifting all of the responsibility off of the employer and onto the individual. Because of this, we highly recommend adding a guaranteed fixed income component to your retirement strategy.

At Protect and Preserve Inc., we firmly believe that an annuity is the best form of guaranteed fixed income, so we offer top-notch annuity solution services to suit your specific needs. As a contract from an insurance company, an annuity helps make sure that at least part of your retirement income is completely guaranteed. We highly recommend annuities as a retirement savings solution as it offers a guaranteed payout, protection from probate and creditors, and stability.

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